A spaghetti and meatball recipe for your dog

As dog owners, we love to give our dogs different experiences in their lives. Why not let one of those experiences be to create tasty, fun food dishes that offer them different textures, flavours and ways of eating. This recipe is great for creating a meal for them to enjoy and is simple to put together. It is even the perfect recipe for children to get involved with too!

Yianni is such a food lover! When we make his meals, he lays on his bed, watching us prepare each and every ingredient, waiting for those 2 special words to be spoken "food Yianni". With just those 2 words heard, he turns from a french bulldog into a greyhound when running for his food bowl! It's great to see and creates moments to remember!

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As you are making this recipe or even as you read this blog you may have that annoying thought of 'I am sure I have seen a dog/dogs eating spaghetti and meatballs before!' If you did experience this we may have the answer - it's from the iconic restaurant ally scene in the Classic Disney film 'The lady and the Tramp.' All be it they eat cooked spaghetti and meatballs in the movie shared between 2 dogs in love.  


Another great plus with this recipe is that you are able to follow it if you prepare their food yourself or if you purchase premade raw food for your dog. With this in mind, we have written 2 options in the recipe to cover each meat source. As this recipe contains vegetables, we would advise that if you are using premade raw food that it does not contain vegetables.

If you unsure of how much you are to feed your dog, please see our Homemade BARF meal guide for the weight’s of each ingredient types you will need for your dog's weight.


Option 1 - Meat - Beef or Venison mince. Offal – Venison Heart.

Option 2 - Pre-made raw mix.

Fruit & Vegetables – Carrot, Butternut Squash, Parsley.

Supplements – Kelp Powder, Dried Nettle, Egg Yolk.


Your dog's bowl


Chopping board for offal

Chopping board for the vegetables

Weighing Scales

Food Spiralizer

Vegetable peeler if you do not have a food spiralizer

Mixing bowl


  1. Weigh your ingredients to the appropriate weight.
  2. Remove the skin and ends of your vegetables.
  3. Place your vegetables through the food spiralizer to create your spaghetti shape. If you do not have a spiralizer you can use a vegetable peeler to peel your vegetables into thin ribbons. Once finished, place into your dog's bowl.
  4. Option 1 - Cut your offal into stripes to resemble spaghetti and place into your dog's bowl.
  5. Combine your egg, parsley, kelp powder and dried nettle into your mixing bowl.
  6. Add your mince/premade raw mix to your mixing bowl and combine.
  7. With your mixture, you can now make your meatballs. We use greaseproof paper to lay the meatballs out if we have more than one dog to cater for or you can go ahead and put them straight into the bowl.
  8. 8. Add to your dog's bowl and serve!
    1. We do like to add to any raw diet blog if your dog is dealing with any complex chronic disease e.g. end-stage cancers, animals on antacids or high levels of immune-suppressive drug therapy, then we would recommend you get expert help prior to beginning the transition to a raw diet.

      We hope your dog enjoys this recipe! Let us know how you get on!

      Love from the Aurora pets family x



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