Camber Sands, East Sussex

 Address: Old Lydd Rd, Camber, Rye TN31 7RH

Known as one of the most loved coastal beaches in the South East is Camber Sands - a stunning dog-friendly beach that stretches for almost five miles. It is unlike the other beaches along the Sussex coast due to the fine, golden sand.

The soft sand is not the only superb attraction to this dog-friendly beach as it is home to the only sand dunes in East Sussex. It provides you with great space to sit and enjoy a picnic in what seems to be your own private beach.

We spent a lot of our day sitting in our selected dune enjoying our picnic while looking out to the sea and watching Yianni and Yoko have a lot of fun running up and along the sandbanks between us before chilling out in their Teepee that we brought with us so they had shade from the sun when they needed it.

I took the opportunity to walk barefoot along the long stretch of wet softer sand out to the seashore. There is something about the feeling of the wet sand on your feet and the soft rolling waves when you finally hit the sea. It is also easier to run with the dogs when they are giving you that look of 'come and run with me!'

After our walk out to sea, we continued our walk to the end of the beach where it meets the River Rother. Along here is the Rye harbour where you can see boats coming in and out to the sea. We sat for a while as we watched Yianni and Yoko meet and play with the other dogs enjoying their beach walk.

If you want to learn some Watersports Camber sand is an amazing place to do so. It is home to the Kitesurf centre or Rye water sports which are known to be the best places to buy lessons in water sports. As well as Kite surfing they have Sailing lessons, kiteboarding courses, power kiting, kite buggies, kite landboarding and stand up paddleboarding.

If you are a lover of films you may have already seen Camber sands without even knowing! This beautiful beach has been home to several Hollywood movie scenes such as The Monuments Men (starring George Clooney and Matt Damon), Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, while Eddie Redmayne shot scenes there for his Oscar-winning performance in The Theory of Everything, and the 1962’s The Longest Day. The shores of Camber sands were even featured in the long-running Television show Doctor Who.

If you have enjoyed your walk along the beach and didn’t want to bring a picnic along with you then Rye is around four miles from Camber sands and has several dog-friendly pubs and cafes such as The Owl which is very dog-friendly and serves great food and drinks. 11 Old Lydd Rd, Camber, Rye TN31 7RH

Please remember that dogs on a lead are allowed on the beach from May to September, although there are restricted zones. These areas are always sign posted in public areas. During the quieter winter months, dogs are allowed to roam the full stretch of the beach.

We love to hear from our readers, so if you have ever been to Camber sands or have any recommendations for other walks, please comment below we would love to hear from you.

To end we would like to sum up this walk in three words – Natural beauty, Tranquillity, Fun.

Love from the Aurora Pets Team x


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