Little Nan’s Bar, Deptford

Address: Arches 13-15, Deptford Market Yard, SE8 4BX. Website:

If you’re looking for an ordinary, generic dog-friendly cocktail bar this might not be the place for you, but if you’re looking for a dog-friendly bar that has a fun atmosphere and a nostalgic homely kitsch environment this is the place for you!

Before I go into our experience, I would like to go over some history of Little Nan’s bar so you understand any references and the journey this dog friendly bar has been on.

Inspired by his little Nan JoJo, Tristan set up his first bar in 2013 in a back room of a nightclub in Deptford where he filled it with his Nan’s furniture and set a mission ‘to spoil guests with a nostalgic homely kitsch environment where my friends and local residents could spend time with friends and family whilst meeting the amazing community of Deptford.’

Unfortunately, the venue closed in 2014, but Tristan took his idea and created pop-ups throughout London for 3 years. After great success, Little Nan’s was able to return to its home in Deptford Market Yard to be enjoyed again in a permanent location.

From here Tristan has continued this mission and now has three permanent locations in London, which people and their dogs can enjoy (all of which can be found on our Dog Directory page.)

Our visit was to Little Nan’s Bar in Deptford. As you approach, you know that you are about to experience something very different as you are greeted by a blow-up flamingo, a billboard of Little Nan’s bar with face hole cut outs, teddy bear tigers and other fun past time trinkets. It leaves you with the question – What is going to be inside?

From the moment we stepped into Little Nan’s bar, it was like we were in a nostalgic wonderland. Little Nan’s kids (staff) greeted us straight away and gave Yianni and Yoko nothing but love and friendliness.

Seated in the cosy corner we began to make our way through the imaginative menu that owner Tristan had created and handwritten. Our menu was made from a Beezer Book and listed 70 or more cocktails – all of which named after Nan JoJo’s favourite celebrities and also their loyal regulars (if you have someone in your party that is not a cocktail drinker they do have other drinks available.)

sexy frank butcher little mans bar london

Our first tasty cocktail choices were 'Lady Lou Lou of Telegraph Hill' an Amaretto cocktail served in a football trophy and a ‘Sexy Frank Butcher’ whiskey cocktail which was served in ‘Best Granddad Mug both accompanied by cocktail umbrellas, little cocktail windmills and even a miniature bath duck! We sat and enjoyed them in our pink sombrero's as you do.

When you are in a generic cocktail bar you can order a pitcher of your chosen cocktail, but at Little Nan’s you can order a full teapot! Great idea if you have a group of people to share with, or drink on your own if you prefer!

little nans bar deptford

With all of the cocktails, you will be glad to know they also offer carb filled meals from Disco chips, fish finger sandwiches and so much more food that will be sure to take you back in time.

While we enjoyed our cocktails to a playlist of classic 90’s music, which is never a bad thing for me! Not a bad thing for others too as with every song you could hear people singing along or say “omg I love this song”.

dog friendly places to go london

As this dog-friendly bar is housed in 2 Victorian arches, it is smaller than usual but we found that this only added to the great atmosphere. During our drinks, we all sang Happy Birthday to a stranger enjoying their Birthday Cocktail and we also spoke to pretty much everyone there. Yianni and Yoko are always a conversation starter as people will always come and ask to say hello.

There were different references to characters of past in the bar but Eastenders characters Pat and Frank Butcher we the main focus here and I was taken back to the days when I used to stay at my Nan's and we would always sit down at 7:30 pm on the dot to watch Eastenders!

best places to go with your dog london

Tristan and the rest of the Little Nan’s kids have created a fun place to enjoy where every detail adds to your experience from the menus, décor, music, cocktails and food. Yianni and Yoko’s water bowl even came in an antique bowl!

We were not disappointed and were so happy that the Little Nan’s team were just as attentive to Yianni and Yoko’s needs as well as our own.

Have you visited Little Nan’s Bar? Please share your visit below.

Love from the Aurora Pets Team x

P.S - We would advise booking if you can as space is limited and it is very popular. There is seating outside for those sunnier days. Also, they have larger spaces for hire should you wish to celebrate an occasion. 


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