Reigate Hill and Gatton Park, Surrey

Address: Reigate Hill, Wray Lane, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0HX

If you enjoy great views, historical monuments and interesting walks, this is the area to visit!

A perfect spring walk but to get here was a little confusing, so we wanted to let you in on some tips that we figured out on our journey in case you experience the same. If you follow your satnav to this address: Reigate Hill, Wray Lane, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0HX you may be taken to the middle of the walk which does not offer any parking! Something we found out first hand – luckily we were able to ask a local dog walker where to go and her words were “did you follow your satnav, so many people do and end up here” This made us feel better and the conversation we had in the car about the satnav needing an update completely irrelevant! We laughed said yes and she kindly pointed us in the right direction. This is the only problem we experienced with following our satnav, so here is the solution if you experience the same:

  • If you are coming from the M25 Southbound come off at junction 8, (Reigate/Sutton/A240/Kingston) and at the roundabout take the 1st exit onto the A217. Then follow the road keeping to the left and take the first left turn. You will then see a sign for your parking straight away. Take the turning slowly so you do not miss it!
  • If you are coming from the M25 Northbound take junction 8 and at the roundabout take the third exit. Then follow the road keeping to the left and take the first left turn. You will then see a sign for your parking straight away, again take the turning slowly so you do not miss it!

When you arrive and park there is a well-stocked cafe called Journey 8 (formally known as Reigate Hill Tearoom), which offers so many options for refreshments - iced frappes, coffees, milkshakes, ice cream, sandwiches, toasted panni's - even ice cream for your dog! We visited twice during our walk, so we couldn’t recommend enough! It is from here that the 2 walking routes begin. You have Gatton Park and/or Reigate Hill.

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Gatton Park offers a 2-mile circular walk through the forest, which starts on the opposite side of the road to the entrance of the car park. The land is managed by the National Trust and the walking routes are clearly marked out for you (you can pick up a map of the walk at the cafe). There are also signs for any area’s which have free roaming animals, where they ask you to put all dogs on their leads.

This walk was perfect for us as it was a warm day and the forest provided the perfect amount of shade. We were lucky to go in April where we were able to walk the Bluebell trail (available through April and May). As you walk the trail you will witness the beautiful bluebells growing up through the forest, giving you a view that only can only be witnessed for two months out of the year – a sight we never get bored of seeing!

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The route took us through the winding forest, down hills covered in Bluebells and along fields where cows were grazing in the sunshine. Yianni sat watching the roaming cows from behind the fence - he had never seen them before so he just sat with his eyes following and assessing each and every movement they made and sniffing the air for their scent. Just one of the great positives of having a dog is walking in new area's for them to experience new things, new smells and see new sights.

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Following our walk, through Gatton Park, we took a rest break at the cafe for Yianni to have his ice cream, top up our water bottles and to prepare us for our second leg of the walk.

Reigate Hill. This trail offers historical monuments, stunning hilltop views and shaded forest areas. It is 3.3 miles long and takes roughly 2 hours to complete the full trail. The first historical monument you will reach is the Reigate Fort, which you can roam around and read up on its history. Walking on from the Fort you will find several more historical stops, along with outstanding views with a moderate walking terrain - we would just like to add that just over halfway through this trail, you will need to go downhill which has a steep descent. Throughout our walk, we sat and took in the area and the tranquillity it offers. Yianni was able to remain off from his lead throughout the route and he was able to meet and play with some other dogs along the way.

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This is such a beautiful walk in Surrey which offers history, stunning scenery, and is a place that you get to experience nature at its best. If you take a walk here please let us know your thoughts!

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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