The Last Chance Animal Rescue Centre, Edenbridge

With so many dogs without a loving forever home the amazing Beautiful Joe’s team have the policy with each packet of Beautiful Joe's Natural Liver Dog Treats you and we buy, one is donated to a dog rescue centre. This is one of the many reasons that we at Aurora Pets wanted to stock this great dog treat brand.

The dog rescue centre we choose to give a donation is Last Chance Animal Rescue Centre based in Kent. As well as giving our customers and our donation we wanted to go and meet the amazing team and lovely dogs which they help to find loving forever homes.

Founded in 1986 by Silvia Harris, the centre was built from the ground up and has continued to grow. They have currently have two centres – the centre we visited in Edenbridge and the other in New Romney.

During our visit, we got to meet and play with the dogs and give out some of the treats. We take Yianni and Yoko everywhere we go so they had fun meeting and socialising with the dogs too. We also had some time with one of the great members of staff Rebecca to go through some of the information about this wonderful centre.

What process is involved in terms of finding dogs, taking them in and caring for them?
We mainly get our rescue dogs from Wales which have been found for all different reasons – they have been brought off the streets, neglected by their owners, puppy farms etc. Before our involvement, dogs were taken to the dog pound in Wales and if they were not rehomed within a certain time they would be put to sleep, but due to our contract with them, this no longer happens as we go to them every two weeks and bring the dogs back to us. There are no criteria for the dogs we rescue so all dogs are saved. I.e. If a dog is aggressive we still save and work with the dog or if they are unwell we get our visiting vet to treat them and return them to good health.

In England, we have people who call to inform us they can no longer have their dog and we will collect them or dogs that have been found neglected etc. Not all dogs have come from a neglected background, some have come from families or owners that cannot keep them any longer due to change in their circumstances.

Do you train the dogs in the centre?
We do the best with our experience and a behaviorist comes to the centre to help staff with dogs that need extra training.

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How long typically are dogs here until they are rehomed and what happens to dogs that are not rehomed?
Dogs can be here from weeks to years. One of the long-term dogs who had been here for 15 years was rehomed to a lovely family last week. We have an American bulldog which has been here for 8 years now and we think he has not been adopted due to his large size or breed. Puppies tend to go quickly. We have around 5-6 dogs a week which are rehomed. We do not believe in euthanization of unwanted animals, so they are homed here or in foster care until they find their forever homes.

What are the main criteria for adopting a dog?
There are several things that we ask, a secure garden; you do not work for longer than 4 hours a day, do not crate or leave in an outside kennel and they are in the home as a family dog. When adopting we recommend older dogs for families which have children over the age of 3 years of age. The big advantages of having an older dog are that they are more loyal, toilet trained and they adapt quickly to a new environment etc. We advise puppies for homes with younger children and for owners that have the time to train their puppy. We do our best to match the right dog to you and your family with the questionnaire we ask you to complete when you come to us.

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Can people foster a dog and what is involved?
Fosterers is something that we are desperate for. We use this for dogs which are unable to deal with kennels more than others due to health issues, pregnancy, puppies etc. The criterion for fostering is the same for adopting. When you foster a dog everything is paid for – food, vet bills, bedding etc so all is needed is the person’s time and love until the centre can find the dog their forever home.

How can people help if they cannot take a dog into their home?
Volunteers are a massive help to the centre. You can take the dogs for a walk in the large land behind the centre to help them get some exercise and socialise with people outside of the staff in the centre. You can even bring your own dog and walk a dog which is happy with other dogs.

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Give as you live and Easy fundraising – Our rescue centre is listed as a charity on both of these websites. This is a way to shop online and make a free donation as the company you buy from makes a donation on your behalf.

Donations of treats, dog accessories etc are always appreciated and money donations can be submitted on the rescue centres website -

Our visit to the centre meeting the amazing dogs and hearing their stories was emotional but seeing them in a better place with the prospect of finding their new loving home, seeing how happy they are, helping spread the word of who they are, and giving the donation of treats makes us feel better that these amazing dogs will find their perfect match to live out the life they deserve.

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We will be posting the amazing dogs on our social media channels (Instagram: aurorapets Facebook: AuroraPets Twitter: @Aurora_Pets Youtube: Aurora Pets) so please look out and spread the word.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


  • Aurora Pets: March 05, 2020

    Hello Paola, thank you for your comment and interest in the wonderful Last Chance Animal Rescue Centre. Here is a link to the rescue centre contact page where they can help you with your inquiry for Bess –
    Alternately here is the teams telephone number if you prefer to call: 01732 865520. We really hope that your contact is successful and please let us know!

  • Paola raimondi: March 05, 2020

    Thank you for your work with doga. I would like to have some additional information about Bess ( I have se en an article about her on Twitter) and some pictures if it possible. We already have a dog, a female of Cocker Spaniel) and we leave in Italy. Looking forward to hearing from you paola

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