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Welcome to our interview with Armstrong’s Twisted Fish. Today we are chatting to Petra and Carole the makers of the fish treats that dogs go crazy for.

We love these nutritious, handcrafted natural and healthy fish treats because they are fun as well as good for your dog’s health. We are always sure to pack a box of these delicious treats for our dogs when we are out on a beach walk so they can enjoy the taste of the ocean while they are enjoying the fresh sea air – who doesn’t enjoy fish and chips on the beach - well minus the chips for our doggies as these treats are all they need!

We all like to know what we are feeding our dogs and the health benefits their treats have to offer, so please read and enjoy getting to know the team and the benefits of these delectable treats for your dog.

Aurora Pets: Can you tell us about yourselves the creators of Armstrong's Twisted Fish.
Petra & Carole: We are two girls from Northern Ireland who want to make the best treats available for dogs. We believe that natural is best and won’t ever compromise on our standards.

Aurora Pets: How did Armstrong's Twisted Fish come to life?
Petra & Carole: When we found out that one of our own dogs was allergic to a variety of grains. We weren’t happy with the quality of the treats available so set about making our own. Accidentally they soon turned into a big hit and we are still going strong today by trying to be innovative with new products.

Aurora Pets: How do you test your products?
Petra & Carole: We have no shortage of taste testers but our chief taste testers are three golden lab crosses called Bailey, Autumn and Ollie. We also obviously do all of the required ‘official’ lab testing to ensure that our products are at the highest standards.

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Aurora Pets: What can you tell us about your ingredients?
Petra & Carole: Just fish. That’s it. Slowly dehydrated over 18 hours to lock in all of the goodness!

Aurora Pets: What has been the best part of starting Armstrong's Twisted Fish?
Petra & Carole: Seeing pictures and videos of dogs enjoying our treats. Sometimes when you have a hard day and someone sends you a video of a dog going crazy over our treats, it makes it all worthwhile and brings a huge smile to our faces.

Aurora Pets: Where is your most favourite place to walk your dogs?
Petra & Carole: We love what we call ‘beach gap’. A huge empty beach that we have all to ourselves. This is something that is plentiful along the west coast of Ireland and we make trips there as often as we can.

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Aurora Pets: What are the health benefits of my dog eating fish?
Petra & Carole: Where do we even start...low fat, great for skin and coat, full of omega 3, good for cleaning teeth, easy on digestion, our turmeric treats may help ease sore joints, they taste great (to dogs) and they make dogs very happy while munching on one of our treats.

Aurora Pets: If you were to describe Armstrong’s Twisted Fish in 3 words, what would they be?
Petra & Carole: Quality, Natural, Innovative.

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our designers at Aurora Pets! To see the tasty dog treats please click here.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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