An interview with Bondi Wash - Natural Luxury Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Bondi Wash is an Australian based brand that has expanded over international waters to offer unique Australian botanicals and a luxurious mix of essential oils that are excellent for not just you and your dog but the planet and your home too! 

At Aurora Pets we were extremely excited to find a brand that works to the same values as us – offering an amazing product and doing all we can to help sustain the plant. As well as supporting this great cause there are so many other reasons we love the Bondi Wash collection.

Aurora Pets: Can you tell us a bit about the designer.
Bondi Wash: Belinda Everingham is the creative mind behind Bondi Wash. She created the range after realising that Australian native plants had wonderful properties that very few people were aware of. Inspired after reading the novel ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Süskind while on holiday in Far North Queensland, Belinda wondered whether Australia could create fragrant products using its native flora just as the French have done for centuries.

Aurora Pets: What was the inspiration behind starting Bondi Wash dogs?
Bondi Wash: Our Bondi Wash Dog Range was developed for the same reason the Baby Range came to life because dogs have super sensitive skin. We had a lot of dog owners complaining about their dog’s irritated skin after bathing. So, Belinda set about creating a gentle range for dogs. She had to be careful which essential oils to use as not all are safe for dogs. We get fantastic feedback on this range from owners – if only the dogs could talk we’d know what they think.

Aurora Pets: Why are natural ingredients so important to use in your products?
Bondi Wash: People are becoming more and more aware of the damage we humans are doing to our planet – and our health – through over-consumption and unnecessary chemicals. Scientific studies are making giant steps and have discovered how ingredients that have extensively used in commercial products such as SLS, parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances can be a serious concern for our health and the environment.

Aurora Pets: Does Bondi wash dogs contain any chemicals?
Bondi Wash: At Bondi Wash, our goal is to create the most natural products possible using only high-quality ingredients. We do a lot of research and set a really high bar when it comes to natural ingredients. We won’t include an ingredient if it is only partially plant-derived (e.g. coco-betaine) as we think this misleads customers. All our products are 99% + derived from nature and 100% when possible and the only synthetic chemicals in the range are food-grade preservatives. This creates challenges in terms of product development and we sit our products in ovens for months prior to launching products to ensure they are shelf stable.

best dog shampoo ukPictured: Bondi Wash Kennel & Dog Spray

Aurora Pets: How do you test your products?
Bondi Wash: When developing the range Belinda has always asked friends and family, especially with sensitive skin, to test the products giving honest and transparent feedback. There are many aspects of the range that play a very important role: they have to be effective, gentle on sensitive skin and beautifully fragrant. Since the very beginning, our team has grown fast along with a number of faithful customers that are always happy to test new products. As the brand has grown we now also send our products to be tested in different countries as each culture has different preferences. Although this might be tricky, is not easy to make everyone happy that’s why we take a long time to develop the right formula for all our products.

Aurora Pets: Do you use palm oil in your products?
Bondi Wash: We avoid palm oil as much as possible – only our washes and lotions contain a small amount of palm-oil derived ingredients (<1%), using certified sustainable palm oil. We are designing all of our products to be palm-oil free and are committed to finding healthier, safer alternatives for all of our products.

Aurora Pets: Is your Luxury Mist Spray for Rooms & Linens safe to use around dogs?
Bondi Wash: Yes, we do not use known irritants such as sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic fragrances or harsh preservatives, so our Mist Spray is totally fine to use around dogs even with the ones with sensitive skins.

Aurora Pets: Describe Bondi Wash in three words.
Bondi Wash: Fragrant, Natural, Australian.

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our designers at Aurora Pets! To see the beautiful Bondi Wash luxury dog shampoo and conditioner collection, please click here.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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