An interview with Btw Ceramic’s - Striking Designer Ceramic Dog Bowls

Brooke T. Winfrey the founder and designer of btw ceramics achieves turning a dog bowl into more than just something for your dog to eat or drink from, they are a piece of art for your home. Not only do these modern dog bowls have impressive designs they are robust too!

We got together with Brooke to dive into her creative mind, discover her artistic process and what the inspiration is behind btw ceramics.

Aurora Pets: About the designer/team
Brooke: btw Ceramics is an LA-based housewares company founded by myself. Since 2012, btw has used the philosophy of 'embrace the irregular' to create modern silhouettes with playful eye-catching patterns. The unmistakable handmade nature of the forms is used to highlight and accentuate the artist’s touch in the hand painted designs. Btw Ceramics has quickly expanded from a single dinnerware line to include a variety of dynamic designs, available in the chicest boutiques throughout the US and select international locations.

Aurora Pets: What is the inspiration behind btw ceramics?
Brooke: I feel like my ceramics are a mash-up of what I see and experience on a day to day basis. I'm constantly scrounging around antique and vintage stores, sifting through old glasses and china. Months later, I'll remember a random glass pitcher or a copper teapot or some old school ceramic cups. I end up working small elements of those into a piece, even if it's just the slightest hint of a curve or adapting a pattern into my funky imperfect style. Small changes in angles and silhouettes can affect a ceramic object in a big way.

cool dog bowlPictured: btw Ceramics Rainbow Torrent Ceramic Dog Bowl

Aurora Pets: What is your best design that you have created so far? - Sorry, we know this is probably a hard question to answer!
Brooke: It changes every day! Generally, whenever I release a new series, I'm super in love with it and feel like it's the best thing ever. A few weeks later after cranking out a couple hundred of the best and newest design, I'm ready for a change and fall back in love with older designs I've been making for years.

Aurora Pets: Was it having your own dog that inspired you to produce a dog bowl range?
Brooke: Having my own pup definitely inspired me to make designer ceramic dog bowls. I loved the idea of my best pal being able to eat out of nice handmade dishes, just like me. I’m not sure she can tell the difference but it made me happy every time she uses them.

Aurora Pets: How long have you been making ceramics?
Brooke: I took a class on a whim about 14 years ago. I was captivated by the material pretty quickly, how malleable it initially seems and how it transforms through so many different stages to become something fairly permanent that can last for hundreds of years. Its mind blowing that civilizations throughout time have been using clay to enhance and better their lives through functional and decorative objects. As a potter, it's freeing to know that there are endless possibilities of what can be done with what is essentially a lump of dirt!

dog bowl ukPictured: btw Ceramics White Torrent Ceramic Dog Bowl & Max-bone Noir Dog Bowl Mat

Aurora Pets: With your process, no two pieces are identical – can this be frustrating?
Brooke: I think if I was aiming for perfection it would be very frustrating. I like the fact that each piece is unique. It highlights that it was made with two hands and makes it more human. Each piece has its own little quirks which make it's more fun!

Aurora Pets: Where is your most favourite place to walk your dog?
Brooke: My favourite place to take my dog is on a hike in the woods and let her run free off her leash. She never goes very far away but she always is at her happiest dashing 20 feet ahead and then running back to my side over and over again.

Aurora Pets: Which three words would you use to describe btw ceramics?
Whimsical, dynamic, striking.

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our designers at Aurora Pets! To see the beautiful Btw ceramic’s stunning ceramic dog bowl collection, please click here.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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