An interview with Cloud 7 – High Quality Functional Dog Products

Cloud7 dog brand

We at Aurora Pets HQ believe in testing the brands we sell so that we can ensure the quality and designs are up to a high standard. Cloud7 designs and style are always a pleasure to experience and have in our dog's wardrobe.

From their Little Nap felt nature dog bed to their Vondelpark toffee leather dog collar, Cloud7 offers practical stylish dog products for your home and while your out and about.

Our interview is with Founder of Cloud7 Petra Jungebluth, a former fashion designer (pictured above).

Aurora Pets: Could you tell us about Cloud7
Petra: The initial idea for Cloud7 came to live in 2011. Moving to Berlin after working abroad as a fashion designer, I started to design a small collection of dog accessories, inspired by my own dog Johan, a black Labrador. Happy with the results and getting some good response from doggie friends, the idea of taking this to the next level was growing quickly. Starting with a collection of luxury dog beds and travel beds, which are still very much the core of the brand, we extended the product range to all essential categories of relevant products, such as dog collars & leashes, ceramic bowls,  dog toys and later dog coats and products, especially for the dog owner.

The central idea behind Cloud7 has always been to design products that look smart and minimal, erasing anything that appears tacky and produces them in the best possible and sustainable qualities. Eco-friendliness and fair trade have always been essential for us and we still use natural and untreated materials wherever possible and only work with a smaller family owned manufacturer, who we all know by hand-shake.

Aurora Pets: What inspired Cloud7?
Petra: Having lived with dogs for many years you learn about their needs and demands to give them a happy and good life. All Cloud7 products are meant to make the dog’s life better and to give them all the wellbeing they need. Although Cloud7 is mainly seen as a design brand, the central focus of the design is their functionality and the quality of the materials. Still, most products in the dog accessories market are mass produced, treated with pesticides and go into the bin after a couple of months of usage, not talking about designs that probably even insult dog’s eyes. Cloud7 found its inspiration in setting a sign against this and produce minimal and aesthetic products that will last.

Luxury dog carrier
Pictured: Heather Brown Dog Carrier

Aurora Pets: What profession were you in before you created Cloud7?
Petra: I have been around the globe quite a bit working as a designer for international and upscale fashion brands. This is coming quite handy for the work we do now at Cloud7. The knowledge about fabrics, developing sewing patterns for different sizing and understanding production processes is very helpful in our daily work and allows us to design all products in-house and not be dependent on cooperating with external designers. And with my partner Todd, who has been a Creative Director at international ad agencies, we are having some nice support for all communication aspects.

Aurora Pets: Which designers have been the biggest influence on you?
Petra: Most of my inspiration is coming from fashion designers, who do simple things with a nice little edgy twist, Jil Sander, Margiela to name a few.

Aurora Pets: Where is your favourite place to walk your dogs?
Petra: With Cloud7 growing and needing more space for office and warehouse and with a growing number of dogs living with us, we have moved from the centre of Berlin out to the countryside. Only an hour drive from the city we are surrounded by beautiful woods and small lakes behind every corner. So we are spending every free minute in this beautiful environment for long walks in the woods and trying to get our water-shy dogs to swimming.

cloud7 dog coat

Aurora Pets: What is Cloud7’s definition of style?
Petra: We are designing for two target groups. The dog owner with his discerning taste and their dogs with their demands of comfort and wellbeing. Matching these two in the most perfect way makes it a stylish product for us.

Aurora Pets: What three words would you use to describe Cloud7?
Petra: Simplicity. Function. Quality.

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our designers at Aurora Pets! To see the beautiful Cloud7 collection please click here.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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