An Interview with Good Chaps - Healthy Fish Dog Treats

With our brands, we like to sample the products first to see if what they are advertising is really what our dogs and us will love and to make sure what you are buying is the best out there.

Yianni and Yoko are our chief testers and have to give their paw or in this case drooling approval for any treats that pass through our door and these fish dog treats definitely received top marks from the drool test! But the taste test was not the only reason we are so proud to be a stockist of these healthy dog treats. In our interview with the Goodwin family, you will see why.

Could you tell us about The GOODCHAP’S team?
Goodchap’s is a family business run by father and son team, Mark and Liam Goodwin. With the help of illustrator Beth and product taster Ralph, we developed a range of dog-friendly gifts suitable for telling your best friend how much you appreciate them.

Can you tell us about your ingredients - where are they sourced and how are they made to make your delicious doggy treats?
Here are Goodchap’s we believe in responsibly sourcing our products from within the UK and we strive to be wholly British, just like the English Bulldog!

We are based in Somerset and all of our lovingly created dog gifts are processed and packed within the county. Even Ralph our dog agrees British are best, and he’s Romanian! All of our sustainably sourced fishy dog treats are from established and trusted fish merchants in Britain.

At Goodchap's we dry our fish and don’t cook it, a more natural process that leaves the nutritional qualities intact. The only ingredients we use are fish and occasionally a little bit of potato, keeping our treats natural and healthy.

What would you say is or are the best chewy treat in your range?
Our chewiest and longest lasting treats would have to be the Catfish Twirls and Whitefish Jerky. They are a great, healthy and natural alternative to rawhide and are made from 100% fish.

These dog treats are two of our treats tasters, Ralphs, favourites. He loves how they are long lasting, great tasting and chewy. He also loves how he can hold them between his paws for easy gnawing.

We at Aurora Pets love your dog treat packaging; can you tell us about it?
We strive to be as eco-friendly as we can, whether that’s by sustainably sourcing our fish from established and trusted fish merchants or making sure none of our waste goes to landfill, we try to do our part.

We kept this in mind while we were developing our ranges of products and decided to go plastic free with our packaging. All of our dog treats are packaged in plastic-free, compostable and recyclable pouches coated in a naturally derived water-based coating. 

Do you have a chief drool tester in your team for your products?

Yes, we do, our very own pooch, Ralph, is our Treat Taster; all of our treats have to receive the paws up from him before they go to market. Ralph came into our lives from Amicii dog rescue in 2017 and has been our inspiration ever since.

Can you tell us about the work you do with Amicii Dog Rescue?
We adopted Ralph though Amicii and are currently taking care of a little foster pooch called Cookie, so we have close links with this particular charity. We wanted to give something back to Amicii for bringing so much joy to our lives, so we decided to create 3 products with the additional benefit of treating a dog in need.

Every time you treat your dog to a bag of Mr Fisher’s, Mrs Cook’s or Lil’ Scamp’s, we send treats to dogs in need at Amicii Dog Rescue, a UK based charity, which was established to support a dog rescue shelter in Transylvania, Western Romania.

The shelter cares for up to 200 dogs at any one time and is run by Asociatia Amicii Nostri, a registered NGO. To find out more about Amicii Dog Rescue please visit

Where is Ralph’s favourite thing to do - except be the treat tester that is?

That’s a tough one; Ralph loves life and enjoys a lot of things. However, I would say that Ralph loves nothing better than chasing his tennis ball on a sandy beach. We take trips to Cornwall every year and never fail to take our fur family with us.

If you were to describe GOODCHAP'S in 3 words, what would they be?
Eco-friendly, Healthy, Dog-lovers

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our brands at Aurora Pets! To check out their yummy fish dog treats please click here.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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