An interview with K9 Sport Sack - Dog Backpack Carrier

K9 Sport Sack at Aurora Pets - Dog Backpack Carrier 

We at Aurora Pets are pleased and excited to introduce you to K9 Sport Sack. The brand which gives you and your dog the opportunity to experience more of lifes adventures together. With customer 5* reviews like:

“My sweet Nashville is such an outdoor, social dog and sometimes I feel like I can’t take her places because she will get away from me or she will get tired during the trip and I end up carrying her. This backpack is a game changer! Now she goes everywhere with me! From coffee shops to the mountains! Now my Nashville never has to miss out on an adventure!”

“My senior dog, Martin, is unable to walk more than a couple of blocks. I felt terrible leaving him behind when I’d walk my other dog, but if I stayed in with Martin, I felt guilty not getting the other dog out. Our AirPlus is the PERFECT solution.”

The dog carriers from K9 Sport Sack are so versatile and fit all lifestyle needs from city to country life.

For example some people travelling in busy cities such as London, can be a hard task when you have a dog – travelling on the busy underground, down the escalators or even just walking down the street of what feels like millions of people. K9 sports sack dog backpack carriers can turn a visit into the city from a nightmare into a dream.

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How does it work in the Country? If you’re a lover of your bike rides but have to leave your disappointed furry best friend at home or you’re planning a long hike but you know it will be too long for your dog to walk, so you have to leave them behind - the K9 Sports Sack is the solution you have been looking for! Just strap them in and off you go.

In our interview with K9 Sport Sack we wanted to get to know the ingenious team behind the dog carrier brand which believe in not having to leave your dog behind.

Who are the team behind K9 Sports Sack (including the all-important furry employees)?

Our Team consist of 10 employees. From CEO, CFO, GM, EVP of Sales, UX Designer, Marketer, Customer Service, Shipping and Customs Department. We also employee multiple dogs here to help us with product testing and product pictures

Where did the concept for K9 Sports Sack come from?

Joseph and Dumpster Daisy, (Dumpster Daisy is a dog that our CEO and CFO rescued literally out of a dumpster) wanted to go on bike rides together and nothing existed that worked to carry their dog in a functional way.

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How is K9 Sport Sacks different to any other dog carriers on the market?

K9 Sport Sack is the original forward facing backpack dog carrier. No other carrier existed that worked this way. The bag has unique features such as front leg holes, lumbar support straps and air flow that make the bag comfortable for both human and pet.

How safe are K9 Sports Sacks for dogs?

K9 Sport Sack is among the safest carriers on the market. The bag is designed with tons of safety features (like the carabiner safety clip that keeps your dog in the bag) that allows for maximum safety. The bag also allows the human to be hands free which allows for even more safety and functionality.

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How comfortable are K9 Sport Sacks for dogs and humans?

Our bags are extremely comfortable. We are constantly working on improvements to make the bag more comfortable for human and dog. One of the most important things we do here at K9 Sport Sack is listen to the feedback of our customers.

Can you tell us about your K9 Sport Sack promise?

A portion of every order is collected and donated to animal rescues and shelters all across the world. By purchasing a K9 Sport Sack® dog carrier, you're helping animals and supporting the people behind the huge task of running a shelter/rescue and getting pets into loving homes. Follow our dedicated team on instagram (@k9sportsack) and facebook as we try to make the world a better place for dogs and dog owners alike.

What’s your favourite feature of the K9 Sport Sack Air Plus?

The Air Plus features upgraded features like more padding in the shoulder straps and back panel. The Air Plus also has an additional storage pack on the bag to pack all your doggy essentials.

What’s the most fun part of owning K9 Sport Sack?

The best part of owning a K9 Sport Sack is not having to leave your dog behind ever again! Customers also love the reactions they get when they are out with a K9 Sport Sack.


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 What was your biggest Eureka! Moment with a product?

When we get stories back from customers about how the K9 Sport Sack has changed their life and the life of their pet!

What is your favourite activity to do with your furry employee/s?

We love going out on adventures!

What do you use your K9 Sport Sack for mostly?

We use the bag for all sorts of fun activities. From public transportation, to bike rides, hiking and everything in between.

If you had to describe K9 Sports Sack in three words what would they be?

Safe, Smiles, and Furry Fun!

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our brands at Aurora Pets! To check out their collection please click here.

In the words of K9 Sport Sack “Life is meant for good friends and great adventures”

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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