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Max-Bone is one of the most talked about brands in the pet industry. From being published in the New York Magazine, Instyle and Four & Sons, to their designs being purchased by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Amanda Seyfried this brand is one that cannot be missed.

From their fresh stylish dog apparel to their beautiful snug beds and cool practical accessories, Max-Bone designs products that fit seamlessly into any dog’s wardrobe and their home.

To know more about the brand we sat down with the Max-Bone team and its Founder Parisa Fowles-Pazdro.

Aurora Pets: About the designer
Max-Bone: I am Parisa Fowles-Pazdro the Founder of Max-Bone. I have a unique sensibility which has always been drawn to the world of design. I come from a multi-cultural background while being raised in Stockholm and living in cities London, NYC, and now LA. While living around the world, I discovered my love for fashion, art, and design.

Aurora Pets: What is the inspiration behind max-bone?
Max-Bone: When I looked for products for my dog Mackintosh, I quickly realised the lack of high-quality materials or elevated look in the pet industry. I couldn't find products that were designed with the same attention to lifestyle as other industries were, such as fashion and homeware. I began designing pieces for my own dog and family and eventually built the max-bone brand to cultivate a well-designed lifestyle for pet owners, with coveted products that fit seamlessly into anyone’s home.

Aurora Pets: What is Max-bones definition of style?
Max-Bone: Our brand is designed for your dog with you in mind. Our definition of style is uncomplicated and seasonless without following trends. All of our products are designed with influences from fashion, art, and architecture to deliver effortlessly elegant apparel, toys, beds, leashes and more.

Aurora Pets: How have you witnessed dog wear evolve since max-bone began?
Max-Bone: At Max-Bone we were one of the first to create a whole lifestyle brand for pets. Since we began, we have seen an evolution in people incorporating their pets more into their families and lifestyle. There has been an evolution of pet owners who are investing the same time, money and care into their fur children as their own families, home and personal items.

fashionable dog clothes
Pictured: Max-Bone Squiggle Dog Jumper

Aurora Pets: What is the must-have for a dog’s wardrobe?
Max-Bone: Stylish Leather Collar and Leash.

Aurora Pets: What was Max-bones first ever creation?
Max-Bone: A Hoodie to help minimize Mackintosh's shedding. I could not find one that had nice quality and design, so I designed one. My second creation was a bed.

Aurora Pets: Who has the big task of quality control at max-bone?
Max-Bone: We have an excellent team that diligently checks each piece as they arrive to ensure that it measures up to the max-bone standard. All of our products are made from luxurious fabrics, soft knits, quality hardware, and safe materials for your furry friends.

Aurora Pets: Describe Max-Bone in three words.
Max-Bone: Design, Lifestyle, Sophisticated

We at Aurora Pets are glad to be a part of this amazing brand, we are always excited to see the new collections! To see this season's unmissable Max-Bone dog apparel collection, please click here.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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