An interview with Mister Woof - Classic Designer Dog Clothes

clothes for an IGPictured: Classic Leather Dog Collar

Irene Tobin founder of the fabulous Mister Woof brand has a long family history in the fashion world ranging from manufacturing to design. Mister Woof’s style is defined with sophisticated minimal design in mind and provides style to any dog’s apparel and accessories.

Read on to find out more about this beautiful dog brand and its designer.

Aurora Pets: Can you tell us a bit about Mister Woof
Irene: Mister Woof was founded in Melbourne, Australia when my partner and I welcomed our little bundle of Italian Greyhound joy into our home. I have a background in pattern making, sewing and marketing so everything fell into place once I had designed the first few pieces - our range of leads and collars and dog beds. Since then, we have expanded to include our signature dog hoodies, dog turtlenecks, dog harnesses, and tags. We have since redesigned our lead and collar range to be more durable and now include a classic MW gold stamping in each piece.

Aurora Pets: What inspired Mister Woof?
Irene: Mister Woof was inspired by our little Italian Greyhound Harper. She was a bundle of fun and too tiny for a normal puppy collar and jumper. We originally purchased her a stretchy pink cat collar but that didn’t work very well on walks so I ended up making her a little collar. I also made her a tiny red check jacket, which now looks like a shrunk vest on her 4kg frame.

mister woof interviewPictured: Mister Woof Andy Dog Hoodie

Aurora Pets: What would you say is the must-have product for a dogs wardrobe?
Irene: I would say Harper easily has a bigger and better wardrobe than mine, as we move into the cooler months in Australia I can’t go past her chunky cable knit, the Cambridge Turtleneck. I also like to layer a hoodie over a fitted turtleneck and harness for extra warmth.

Aurora Pets: Which designers have been the biggest influences on you? 
Irene: The inspiration behind Mister Woof has always been driven by the love of simplistic lines and complimentary colours. Like my own wardrobe, each piece can be worn with previous season’s jumpers. This season we’ve added in key pieces, blue hues and blushing pinks that perfectly complement each other.

jumper for grey houndsPictured: Mister Woof Reid Dog Turtleneck

Aurora Pets: What is your favourite activity to do with Harper?
Irene: Harper is one energetic three years old who loves a game of fetch with her tiny tennis ball or her favourite mouse toy. When we’re out and about she loves saying hello to people first then will check out the dog. She’s happiest after a long walk and is snuggled under layers of fluffy blankets with her nose tucked in.

Aurora Pets: Which three words would you use to describe Mister Woof?
Irene: The three words we would use to describe Mister Woof is - Timeless, Classic and Sophisticated design.

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our designers at Aurora Pets! To see the stunning Mister Woof collection please click here.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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