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Molly Barker is an Australian dog accessory brand that brings a range of elegant dog accessories which have style, comfort and function for you and your dog.

Founder and Director, Angela Infantino talks to us about her journey and inspirations for Molly Barker, of course, the beautiful Great Dane x Labrador Molly herself.

Can you tell us about the Molly Barker Team?

I’m really lucky to have an amazing and dedicated team of individuals who truly care about our label and producing the best products. They won’t present anything unless they are bouncing off the walls with excitement, because we don’t want to just produce great pieces, we want to give our customers a wonderful experience every day. Whether it be comfort when they grip our dog leads or have a friend comment on how beautifully coordinated their dog bed looks in their living room. Each team member brings so much pride to their work and it shows in the finished product.

We are also a group of crazy dog lovers. We laugh about how often we’ve forgotten a person's name but remembered their dog’s name. A day doesn’t go by when there isn’t at least one dog in the office, so the vibe is always fun and light-hearted.

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Is Molly your influence for your designs and chief tester of your products?

Absolutely! Many of the design features in our products came about due to the challenges I had with Molly or other products. Molly used to suffer from very sensitive and itchy skin. So our grooming range is made from natural and organic ingredients to hydrate and heal the skin with every wash.

She also has anxiety. On bad days she would pull on her lead so much that my hand would be sore from gripping her dog lead. So our decision to use real Italian leather in our Sasha Collection just made sense from a comfort perspective for both the dog and owner. It’s also more durable and environmentally friendly which is really important to us.

How important is it to you to create well-made products?

It’s extremely important. Prior to creating Molly Barker, I can’t tell you how many dog collars and leads I’d thrown out after just a few months because they broke or wore so quickly they just looked horrible. And some of the things I purchased were really expensive. Don’t even get me started on the toys…some didn’t even last a full minute! It’s such a waste of money not to mention the impact that type of waste has on the environment. Our products may be a little higher in price to start with, but they last so much longer which makes them better value for money in the long run.

Our decision to have our products made locally in Australia also means we have more control over the quality. Supporting local business was also really important to us.

What was your first product in your collection?

The Sasha collar and lead were designed simultaneously, which was quickly followed by the Sasha waste bag holder. It was important that our products made sense functionally and complimented each other.

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Since starting Molly Barker have you seen any changes in the way people buy for their dogs?

I sure have. Our customers don’t buy from us out of necessity. They purchase our products with a deep sense of love for their dog and because they truly want them to have the best. The aesthetics of our products are also a huge factor. Purchasing products for their dog that matches their own fashion and interior decor really excites them. As we like to say…"leave ordinary for someone else”.

What is your favourite thing to do with Molly?

Taking her to our local dog beach. She just loves it! She starts fidgeting with excitement before we even turn into the car park. And once the lead is off, she’s gone! The smile on her face as she plays in the water and with all the other dogs’ just melts my heart.

How would you describe Molly Barker in three words?
Style, function, love.

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our brands at Aurora Pets! To check out their stunning collection please click here.

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