An interview with Pippa & Co – Stylish Dog Beds and Dog Accessories

Luxury dog bed collection UKPictured: Pippa & Co luxury dog box bed

Aurora Pets is excited to introduce to you and your furry best friend our new brand Pippa & Co. The Pippa & Co is wonderful collection filled with beautiful snug blankets for when you just want to cuddle up together on the sofa, dog beds for your dog to get cozy and enjoy when they just want their own space and stylish dog travel beds to enjoy when you are out and about.

In this interview we get to know Jennifer and the journey she took to create such a stylish and impressive collection.

Can you tell us about Pippa & Co and what inspired your brand?

Jennifer: Pippa & Company was inspired by our own search for a dog bed, to fit in our newly renovated London home. We spent so much time selecting every small detail in the home, from paint colours, to kitchen counters, to sofa fabrics and lamp shades. However, when it came to the finishing touches, we found that the options available to us for dog beds were disappointingly limited. We wanted a dog bed which reflected our own style. One which would be long lasting, functional, but also made from beautiful fabrics which would be in keeping with the rest of the interior design. So, I designed one myself!

What was your first product in your collection?

Jennifer: The signature bed. Pippa is a Weimeraner, and I don't know if it is a characteristic of the breed, or just her, but she loves to curl up and rest her head on the side of a bed, and keep an eye on the family. I didn't love the bolster style beds which were available, and I wanted something with structured sides, which wouldn't sink over time, but that I could wash! The options available at the time involved sticking the whole bed in the washing machine, which with a small bed is fine, but with a large bed is impractical. So I designed a bed using upholstery foam for the sides, and with a fully removable, machine washable cover. 3 years on, and the original bed is still going strong!

Which designers have been the biggest influences on you?

Jennifer: I love to follow design blogs. One of my favourite games is to scroll through instagram, picturing where my beds would fit into the beautiful living rooms and kitchens that I see! I love Kelly Hoppen (I'm a big fan of greys and neutrals!), and on the kitchen side, Mowlem & Co have some truly dreamy kitchens. Our kitchen is the heart of the home, and of course Pippa has a bed in every room!

Luxury Dog Blanket UKPictured: Pippa & Co luxury dog blanket

What’s the most fun part of owning Pippa & Co?

Jennifer: I love the variety of it. One day I'm designing a new product line, redesigning the website and working on social media, the next day I'm running between my manufacturers and the warehouse, packaging up orders! I also love meeting our customers at fairs. We have been at Spirit of Christmas for the last 2 years, and speaking to our repeat customers about how much they love the products is always wonderful! My background is actually in finance, and so I'm learning a lot about marketing and retail as I go along. It's a wonderful experience.

How do you test your products?

Jennifer: Pippa and her friends of course! We only use the highest quality of fabrics and manufacturing methods. In the 3 years we have been running, I've only had to deal with 1 split seam. Our seamstresses are the most talented women I've ever met. Their main focus is in high end fashion, so their September is spent getting couture ready for the catwalk and piles of dog beds and blankets for the Christmas rush!

What would you say are Pippa’s favourite product/s in your range?

Jennifer: She loves her beds, but I think she is most appreciative of the travel bed. I designed the travel bed because Pippa is a princess and would always refuse to lie on the floor when we went out to a pub or restaurant. My husband would turn up at the pub with a scrappy, smelly bit of vet bed rolled up under his arm, and was definitely judged by all of the people in there! He asked me to design something he would be less embarrassed to carry - and that's how the travel bed came about. It is designed to keep in the back of the car, and is comfy and soft (and easy to wash), and when you head into the pub, it rolls up and Pippa has her own bed under the table. My children, on the other hand, are massive fans of the blankets. They are the softest faux fur you will have felt, and are wonderful to snuggle up under on a chilly evening. We have at least 2 in every room for the people!

Comfortable Dog Travel Bed UKPictured: Pippa & Co Dog Travel Bed

What is your favourite activity to do with Pippa?

Jennifer: I've recently started running! A lot of dogs will love the family member who feeds them the most - Pippa loves whoever takes her for a walk. So we are currently enjoying our twice a week runs through the fields. At home, Pippa's favourite activity is sitting under the table when the baby is having his dinner.

Can you describe Pippa & Co in three words? 

Jennifer: Style without Compromise.

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our brands at Aurora Pets! You can see their collection now on our website by clicking this link - Pippa & Co.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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