An Interview With Poppy & Ted Threads

Aurora Pets is excited to introduce Poppy & Ted to our amazing list of designers. Poppy and Ted provide everything you need for your dogs walking accessories. Matching dog collar, harness, lead and poop bag holders that provide style and a pop of colour to your everyday dog walks. In our interview we talk with and get to know the wonderful Founder and Director of Poppy & Ted, Paige.
How did Poppy & Ted start?
Literally at my dining room table - doesn't that always seem to be where the best ideas are made? I've always been creative and have a background in owning a Children's Clothing company which I started which I was 18. I'd always been passionate about designing and making and was looking for a new creative outlet but hadn't quite found it yet.. that was of course until I was tired of not quite finding what I was looking for when it came to Ted's walking essentials and so I decided to do something about it!
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Who are Poppy & Ted?
Poppy + Ted is named after my beloved Frenchie, Ted and his best little human friend, my niece Poppy. They are both 5 and have grown up together from being a few months old each - they are the best of friends and yes.. I get called Poppy a lot ;-) 

What’s the most fun part of owning Poppy & Ted?
All of the cute dogs! There is nothing I love more than receiving customer photos and seeing where our pieces end up. We have Pop + Ted pups all over the world, it's truly amazing and it's especially wonderful to see so many of them across our social media channels so we can interact with them all.
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How do you test your products?
Ask Ted ;-)! He's been our chief product tester since day 1. We work with our manufacturers through the design process, and then Ted and now Margot (our newest fur family member) try and test all of our products through the sampling stages up to the final product. Ted certainly knows how to put a product through it's paces.. including fox poop rolling for durability!

What was your biggest Eureka! Moment with a product.
I think for me I'd have to say our Treat Pouch - it's a product that every single element was designed and developed completely by me and to see it come to life from a hand drawing, to selling out at launch in under 2 minutes.. it was so overwhelming and I was so happy it was as loved as much as I loved creating it. It still continues to be a product we cannot see to keep in stock long enough - so we're continuously upping and adjusting our numbers for growth accordingly. There definitely was a need for it, just as I had discovered through owning 2 dogs myself!
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How important is it to you to create well-made products?
Extremely! We're really passionate about quality and to us though we like to ensure our pieces are stylish, it's important to us that we make products that are essential for dog walking. We think of the little details such as our signature branded lining for our collars and padded lead handles. For us, we want our customers to be nothing more than delighted when they open a Pop + Ted parcel and feel and see the same quality they saw on screen when ordering.

Since launching Poppy & Ted have you seen any changes in the way people buy for their dogs?
I think the dog world has been crying out for essential dog walking essentials that are both comfortable, fit well and are equally stylish be it by colour or pattern. Because who said dog walking essentials had to mean boring? I think everyone knows their dogs deserve the best, and now it's available they enjoy having the choice of quality and stylish pieces. 
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What is your favourite activity to do with Margot + Ted?
Ah, everything! They are my little sidekicks, we're rarely without one another. They come to the office every day with me to "put the hours in" aka cause absolute chaos.. but I wouldn't have it any other way. We have our best adventures on the weekends exploring new places to walk and are continuously always trying to learn new tricks. Ted has a few under this belt now (he's too smart for his own good) so we have to keep changing things up to keep his mental agility up, Margot has some catching up to do.. but he does have 4 years more experience than her!!

Can you describe Poppy and Ted in three words?
Quality. Comfort. Stylish.... (and fun!! ;-) )
We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our brands at Aurora Pets! You can see their collection now on our website by clicking this link - Poppy + Ted.
Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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