An Interview with Travel Wags - Stylish Dog Walking Bags


Travel Wags is a brand that we are so proud to stock at Aurora Pets. We always like to use the products we stock and we could not recommend the collection enough. Not only are they extremely functional and stylish (a great colour that can be worn with most outfits), both sets are well made and unisex too. Whenever we are using our Travel Wags dog walking bag and contents they always receive attention.

dog walking accessories
Pictured: Mutts & Hounds Olive Waxed Dog Coat

Aurora Pets – Can you tell us about Travel Wags and what inspired the brand?
Travel Wags: Travel Wags was conceived when we spent many months trying to find a stylish dog walking bag that we would be happy to carry from the park to the cafe and tote for weekends away with your dog. We found our pockets overflowing with keys, mobile phone etc when taking the dogs out for a walk and what if your dog got thirsty on the walk? Taking your dog away for the weekend was difficult before we designed the tote. It's so handy to have everything in one place and is smart enough to take away with you. We couldn't find any stylish walking and overnight bags worldwide so we decided to make them ourselves.

Aurora Pets - There are several bag styles to choose from – why did you choose the styles you did?
Travel Wags: We bought on board well known New Zealand designer, Sonya Cotter to create the functional, stylish bags. The walker contains poop bags, a slim-line ergonomic water bottle and a collapsible bowl. It also has compartments for your keys, money and mobile phone. Our tote has a chiller bag for your dog's food, two collapsible bowls, poop bags and the slim-line ergonomic water bottle. There is also lots of space for blankets, toys etc. A clever addition is the long leather strap that can be detached and used as an emergency lead. It's so important, especially in the summer months, to have fresh water available for your dogs on their outings.

Aurora Pets - What part do dogs play in the decisions made at Travel wags HQ?
Travel Wags: Dogs play a very important role in the decisions at TW HQ as we had to think about what they need on their walks and overnight stays. We even have our dog team on hand which is made up of varied personalities and the different roles they play:

foldable dog bowl

Billy – Chief Executive

Billy is outwardly loving and kind but wrestles with his inner corporate demons

foldable dog bowl uk

Archie – Vice President

He's the dreamer of the team and a complete ladies dog!

dog travel bowl

Mufasa – Head of Warehouse

Always late for work as he likes to be out and about town working his part-time job as a wannabe DJ!

travel water bowl for dogs

Charlie – Marketing

Known for having a short attention span as always looking at himself and admiring his long eyelashes 


 Aurora Pets - What is Travel wags philosophy?
Travel Wags: Our philosophy is to make the most beautiful and functional dog bags in the world that make a dog owner's lives easier.

Aurora Pets - What is your favourite activity to do with your dogs?
Travel Wags: We love to walk our dogs on New Zealand's beautiful beaches. There is nothing more uplifting than seeing your dog’s running in and out of the waves and making lots of doggie friends on the walk. We always finish with a stop at a local cafe for coffee and a bowl of water for the dogs easily accessible from our Travel Wags walker.

grey cold bag

Aurora Pets - Can you describe Travel Wags in three words?
Travel Wags: The three words we would use to describe Travel Wags would be - Stylish Dog Bags.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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