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Woolly Lou UK

With the cooler months now here, there is no better time to introduce one of newer designers Woolly Lou.

In our interview with the talented Yakshi Malhotra and her most trusted furry partner Louie we get to know a bit about them and the brand they have built. We find out what inspired their wonderful collection of dog jumpers, how they are made and so much more.

Can you tell us about Woolly Lou and what inspired your brand?

Woolly Lou was born from a noticeable gap in the market for a sustainable yet stylish wardrobe for our four-legged friends of all shapes and sizes. We found that a lot of dog clothing only came in standard sizes which tend to fit certain breeds and fall short on others. Upon a lot of research, speaking with dog parents and measuring all kinds of breeds, we worked really hard on our sizing and fit and found a practical solution to the problem. As a knitwear expert, I also understand the difference in quality of fibres and found that a lot of dog jumpers are made in man-made fibres that are not only less durable but also harmful to the planet. Think about throw away fashion - these jumpers would probably stay around longer than any of us. So we really work on sustainable elements where we can such as recycled packaging, natural fibres and knitting to shape so there is minimum wastage to our unique craftsmanship.

So the idea really fell into place. We created Woolly Lou to focus on practical knits that are beautifully made using natural sustainable fibres for dogs of all shapes and sizes and ones that would be loved and worn for years to come. We also keep close relations with our customers to offer advice on sizing and care to support this.  From teeny little legs & long sausage bodies, to chesty frenchies and dotted dalmis; Louie & I have worked hard to create woollies that offer a perfect bespoke fit, ensuring maximum comfort and style from head to…tail.

What was your first product in your collection?

Our first woolly was The Marley and it has now become a customer favourite!  It came about from a lot of swatching as we had to get the right amount of detailing in the jumper. Knitting is an art of its own. It requires a lot of testing especially when it comes to fitting patterns and details into little jumpers which can be quite challenging. All of our jumpers are focused on practicality without compromising on the design. And so, we offer classic styles in quite a few colours so there is a little something for every pup out there. We love subtle detailing and make sure when we do create a new design, the end product is something more than just a plain knit jumper. Everything is done in our studio so every jumper has had quite a journey before it makes it to its launch.

Handmade Dog Jumper

Can you tell us about the materials you use for your woollies and how they are made?

Each knit is brought to life entirely in the UK. Our dog jumpers are hand made in our studio in Nottingham. The process always starts with me behind the machine and Louie napping underneath it (he takes his job very seriously). We take a sustainable approach where we can. Our Woollies are made using beautiful natural fibres, majority of them being Merino Wool which is a sustainable source as it is renewable and biodegradable and built to last. We also knit all our woollies to shape which means there is minimum wastage of materials.

Can you tell us about #kindtothepaws

We believe that all of Louie's fellow canine pals deserve to be loved, feel companionship and live a life full of magic and colour. And so, we created #kindtothepaws where our furry customers could come together as a community and know the difference they have made in the lives of dogs by sharing photos of their dogs in their WL woollies. We passionately believe in giving back to paws in need. With every purchase customers make, they help a dog in need. We donate a portion of all proceeds to One Paw At A Time, independently run shelter that help rescue dogs from the China meat trade and transport them back to the UK to their furever homes.

What would you say is Louie’s favourite product/s in your range?

Oh Louie loves all his jumpers and has a difficult time picking one every morning. His go to woolly would be the Marley without a doubt as it is slightly lighter than the others for his furry body but keeps him warm enough during the winter… But I think he looks adorable in the Henley (with sleeves), much like a little grandpa! Let's not get started on his favourite colour (if you are wondering why we have so many colours in our woollies, it is because he is so indecisive and just can't pick a favourite).

What is your favourite activity to do with Louie?

Walks in the park (I think this would also be his favourite activity with me). Louie loves grass and loves to be running wild and free with his furry friends. He loves to hop along and sometimes gets mistaken for a rabbit! I love the sight of him doing this as he seems the happiest being a bunny.

Can you describe Woolly Lou in three words?

Classic, Functional & Light-Hearted                              

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our brands at Aurora Pets! You can see their beautiful collection now on our website by clicking this link - Woolly Lou.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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