An interview with Molly & Stitch - Luxury Dog Beds and Dog Accessories

Welcome to our interview with Molly & Stitch designers of high-quality luxury dog beds, dog collars and leads. Their lovely dog products offer your dog style and comfort while out and about or a place for them to relax at home - just part of the reason we love them so much.

Molly & Stitch is situated on the doorstep of the beautiful Carinthian Mountains in Austria, no wonder their products are so stunning!

Aurora Pets: What is the inspiration behind Molly & Stitch?
Christoph Bergauer (CEO of Molly & Stitch): In 2015, I asked my wife Louisa a simple question: Why are our dogs wearing such boring collars? After hours of research on the internet and even after a store visit, we noticed that there are actually only a few refreshing and trendy dog accessories on the market. On that day, we set a new goal: We want to commit ourselves to develop and design the most beautiful and innovative dog accessories.

Aurora Pets: Can you tell us about the Molly & Stitch team
Molly & Stitch: Christoph Bergauer, CEO of Molly & Stitch, lived 7 years in Ghana, West Africa, where he also met his wife Louisa. After they spent some time there together, Louisa got pregnant with their son Harry and they decided to move back to Austria, where both also lived before. It was also very important to have only the best medical care for their child, they decided Klagenfurt in Carinthia would be the best choice. Louisa also did grow up here; she knew this was the perfect place for a fresh start. The surroundings like the mountains in Austria are especially beautiful for children. Last year they welcomed a little baby girl called Helena.

Our team is also like a little family. Julian is the chef of our production and he manages everything at our warehouse. He tells the other members of the team what their daily tasks are so that every product can be sent out to the customer as fast as possible.

Gloria is responsible for our Social Media, our Marketing as well as for the customer's service department.

Aurora Pets: What materials do you use for your dog collars and leads and why?
Molly & Stitch: For our dog walking accessories we use high-quality sailing rope in different colours and sizes. The inspiration behind this comes from a hobby Chris developed in Australia. He always had a passion for sailing and the techniques he learned during that were also his idea for Molly & Stitch collars and leashes. From his own experience, the material withstands every weather, every condition, and every force - So why not using it for our dogs?

We also use only the best organic tanned leather to put the final touch to our Touch of Leather products.

designer leather dog collars

Aurora Pets: What are the differences between your Sweet Dreams and Soft Rock bed designs?
Molly & Stitch: The most important difference between these two beds is the material.

The Sweet Dreams bed was the first dog bed of our brand, later we added some new colours. The very soft and luxury dog bed is one of our customer's favourites.

The Soft Rock bed is an upgrade with its solid and yet soft fabric. Cleaning this bed is easier than you think and the bed covers are also fire as well as water resistant, which can be pretty convenient, especially for little puppies.

luxury dog beds from molly and stitch

Aurora Pets: How would you describe Molly & Stitch in three words?
Molly & Stitch: Colourful, high quality, passion.

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know one of our designers at Aurora Pets! To see the wonderful Molly & Stitch collection, please click here.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x


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