11 of the most popular dogs on social media

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It’s no secret that every dog owner wants to share their pampered pooch with the world and show others how beautiful they are. However, these pet owners have taken this to the next level, making their pampered pooches more famous than some of the world’s top celebrities!

Social media makes this easier than ever, as you can quickly share an adorable picture or video of your dog online for the world to see. These pictures are circulated amongst hundreds of followers, racking up thousands of likes along the way and before you know it, you have your own pet influencer.

No matter whether you’re a devoted dog owner or you appreciate all animals, these social media accounts are bound to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. You can easily fill your news feed with pictures of dogs in cute Halloween costumes, Bark Mitzvahs, puppy showers and much more.

To help you get your daily fill of cuteness, we’ve found some of the top dogs who are slaying the social media game.

1. Jiffpom (9.5m followers)
Instagram handle: @jiffpom

Jiffpom is one of Instagram’s biggest pet influencers and it’s easy to see why. Follow @jiffpom to see this pint-sized Pomeranian in action.


2. Manny the frenchie (1.1m followers)
Instagram handle: @manny_the_frenchie

Manny the Frenchie has always been passionate about giving back. Since the beginning of his social media popularity, Manny has found ways to bring joy and happiness to anyone who needs it. Dubbed the "philanthro-PUP", he continues to bring smiles to everyone he meets and hopes to help as many animals and humans as possible.


Marnie the dog

3. Marnie the dog (1.0m followers)
Instagram handle: @marniethedog

Marnie’s loveable face and playful tongue makes her a favourite for many pet influencer followers. Her account shows you just how rewarding adopting an older dog can be.


Norbert the dog

4. Norbert the dog (833.0k followers)
Instagram handle: @norbertthedog

Just like Marnie, Norbert the dog has a cheeky smile and a playful personality. Norbert’s feed is full of wholesome content related to her daily life as a therapy dog.


Crusoe the dachshund

5. Crusoe the dachshund (766.0k followers)
Instagram handle: @crusoe_dachshund

Dachshunds dominate the pet influencer scene, and they’re also one of the most sought after dog breeds worldwide! Crusoe’s owners have made the most of this trend, whilst creating a fun and unique feed that would make any Instagram user smile.


Bandit the husky

6. Bandit the husky (161.0k followers)
Instagram handle: @bandit.thehusky

Bandit the husky’s owners post a range of adorable photos and videos of Bandit’s daily life. Dog owner or not, you’ll appreciate having this lovable ball of fur on your news feed.


Sodapop the corgi

7. Sodapop the corgi (108.0k followers)
Instagram handle: @popgoesthecorgi

Everyone loves a Corgi, which explains why Sodapop has a loyal following of over 100k people. Whilst Sodapop is actually a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, he’s just as adorable as his recognisable cousins, Pembroke Welsh Corgis.


Stella the pitbull

8. Stella the pitbull (69.4k followers)
Instagram handle: @incredibullstella

Stella’s account helps to dispel the myth that pitbulls are scary and aggressive dogs. Not only does this famous pooch have over 69k followers, she’s so famous that she even has her own book!


Bun the sausage dog

9. Bun the sausage dog (32.0k followers)
Instagram handle: @bun_thesausagedog

Instagram users can’t get enough of the delightful sausage dog, so it’s no surprise that Bun is one of the most popular dogs on social media. Bun’s owner mixes it up with a range of photos and edits to keep followers coming back for more.


George the sausage

10. George the sausage (28.6k followers)
Instagram handle: @georgethesausage

What’s cuter than a dachshund? A mini-dachshund of course! In 2018 George the mini-dach and partner-in-crime, Mildred the sausage, organised an iconic ‘sausage walk’ in London where over 1,000 sausage dogs turned up!


All about Lloyd

11. All about Lloyd (14.6k followers)
Instagram handle: @allaboutlloyd_

Lloyd might be the most stylish dog on Instagram, as well as being one of the most popular. This carefully curated feed shows Lloyd in a wealth of playful poses and outfits that you won’t find elsewhere.

Do you follow these famous pooches or have a famous pooch yourself? Are they a daily diva or easy to please bundle of love. Let us know in the comments below.

Love from the Aurora Pets family x

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