Essential Dog Dermal Scratch Spray For Dogs

Designer: Essential Dog

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Description: 250ml

Scent: Aloe vera, Calendula & Vitamin E

You may have already tried various remedies and options to relieve your dog of sore or itchy skin such as diets or regular bathing. These may have not worked or come with possible side effects. If you have wondered if there a spray to relieve itching in dogs you have found it. 

You can help your dog using an all-natural formulation of ingredients specially blended to provide skin relief for itchy dogs. 

Essential Dog Dermal Scratch Spray For Dogs is a natural topical spray for your dog particularly during the warmer weather when scratching and gnawing from skin irritations is most prevalent. Contains a unique blend of 40% certified organic aloe vera juice combined with supreme quality pure and unadulterated essential oils. 

Why we love this product:

  • A pH-balanced product and is steroid-free so it is safe if your dog grooms themselves.
  • This spray soothes and relieves your dogs itchy or sore skin to prevent further biting or scratching.
  • We use this ourselves when Yianni has an itchy flare-up and the results have been remarkable.
Here are just some of the 5* customer reviews on this product - 

"eliminated her constant scratching" "spray it on directly on her hotspots and rashes and they heal up by the next day. Highly recommended." Posted by Jess.



"Love this product. My dog has been on steroids on and off for many years for her itching and didn't help very much. This product has stopped her itching!"

Posted by Eleanor.

"My staffie has always had itchy skin and this product truly works. She no longer itches and no more visits to the vet. Overjoyed!!"  
Posted by Anthea.  

    Contains: Purified water, certified organic calendula extract, certified organic aloe vera, mixed tocopherols (vitamin D natural), soya oil, certified organic vegetable glycerine, tea trea and lavender essential oils (<1%).