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Jax & Bones Tyson The T-Rex Rope Dog Toy


Designer: Jax & Bones


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Ever brought a toy for your dog and it's ripped to pieces in 5 minutes? This Jax & Bones Tyson the T-Rex rope dog toy is designed to last are extremely tough and great for heavy chewers.

Each rope toy from the Jax & Bones collection is hand tied and dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes. As your dog plays with his rope toy, it will begin to fray and act like a dental floss for your dogs' teeth. 

Why we love this product:

  • This cool dog toy is perfect for children to interact and play with their dog.
  • Each rope toy is biodegradable and when unravelled you can compost them!  
  • On warmer days you can use this fun dog toy to cool your dog, by dipping into water and freezing it.
  • This is a great toy for teething puppies. Our puppy Yoko uses them all the time when she is in her chewing stage.

Care instructions: All rope toys are machine washable! Due to this toy being hand knotted you can remove any major fraying when it eventually begins.


Size  Measurement
Large 28cm

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