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At Dr. Zigs we believe sustainability is key. From supporting and engaging with our local community to growing our business in a sensible way. And we are all about doing our bit to save the planet. This means that when you buy our products, you know you will be doing your bit too.

From sourcing sustainably sourced wood for our Bubble Wands, fairtrade cotton for our Bubble Wicks, and ever purer and greener ingredients for our Bubble Brew, you can trust that we are on the case. Giant Bubbles for our four-legged friends to chase and pop, made from a special formula just for them! 

These bubbles are Peanut Butter scented, vegan, palm-oil free, and contain NO NUTS!! These are fine for everyone even with allergies!  Just like all our other bubbles these non-toxic, fully biodegradable, and just lovely, and some of the profits will also, of course, contribute to our award-winning Bubbles Not Bombs projects.

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