The Innocent Hound

Healthy Delicious and nutritional luxury dog treats, A wonderful selection of real treats for your hound. The Innocent Hound range includes a selection of high-quality dog treats and health beneficial chews for the care of joints, dental, and skin, and coat, also including the grain-free dog birthday cake meaty mix.

Family is our core value; just as we do for our kids, we like to show love for our pets. We like to spoil them with treats but in a way that is responsible, healthy and delicious.

In 2013 we started The Innocent Hound and began making high-quality dog treats based on our desires. We wanted locally sourced, sustainable, quality meat where animal welfare is a priority.

Fast forward to today and we find ourselves in a larger factory in Yorkshire where we are surrounded by an incredible team of people! 

Now for Bongo and Mash, their tale ends with the most important roles of all: Head of Product Testing in their very own sausage factory!

We hope that your pets enjoy these treats as much as ours do!