About Us


About us

We are absolutely obsessed with our 2 dogs Yianni and Yoko, we do everything with them and if there is a place we can't take them then we don't go. Our favourite thing is going on walks and finding new exciting places to adventure.

The inspiration behind Aurora Pets came from when we first got Yianni he was our first dog and he gives us unconditional love and laughs, we fell totally in love with him. We wanted to give him the best of everything, but it was quite difficult to source the best products from one place in the UK, that is when Aurora Pets was born. We care deeply for our dog's comfort, care, and lifestyle we know you are the same and the importance for you of buying products made with high uncompromised quality, designed with style as well as most importantly for function.

Utilising extremely successful careers in distributing luxury products internationally to high-end retailers and customer management backgrounds we wanted to create a place where you could not only source the best designers and brands in the world for your pet but also only the very best experience for you.

One of our aims is to ensure that we do our part in helping to sustain the planet. We achieve this by ensuring that all of our packaging does not contain any plastic and is 100% recyclable. We also ensure our entire supply chain is eco friendly, sustainable and responsibly manufacturing. We also do not retail brands if we feel they do not meet our ethos of all of the above.

We strive to be a part of the brands which are contributing to improving the lives of unfortunate dogs. We are proud to say that several of the brands we are partnered with, work closely with charities by providing products and/or donating a percentage of their sales to support their causes.

Our passion for fashion drives us to find sophisticated, luxury brands from different parts of the world and offer them to you in one place. We understand that you and your dogs deserve only the best and we are here to provide you with that service.

Our Blogs

As well as offering you and your dog the finest products we wanted to write blogs on Raw feeding, places to walk and style and trends for your dog.

Raw feeding

We switched Yianni’s diet to Raw feeding following skin irritations that he was suffering from and we have never looked back! A change in diet and the use of top quality products has meant that Yianni no longer has the problem with his skin. While looking into this way of feeding we were faced with a wealth of information – not a bad problem to have when making a decision for your dog. We did not make the decision lightly and know that this isn’t the route for everyone but we wanted to offer the knowledge we have gathered along the way, for people to read and use if they are thinking about making the switch.

Out & About

Walking Yianni and Yoko is one of our favourite things to do! Other than eating, they are never happier than when we are out walking. So we wanted to share our walks and feature various locations and ideas for you to experience with your dog. The video content we create is to offer you another visual of the area and the fun that is there to be had!

Style & Trends

We feature various interviews with our brands and some of the most stylish dogs and owners, we will be visiting fashion shows and weeks to bring you the latest in style and trends for you and your pet.

Chief Testers

Because we know how important quality, design and products enduring day to day life is, Yianni and Yoko gladly take their product testing roles seriously so we can ensure 100% confidence in your purchases.

What is Aurora’s philosophy? To bring you and your dog the experience you deserve!