btw Ceramics Stripe Ceramic Dog Bowl

Designer: btw Ceramics

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The btw Ceramics Stripe Ceramic Dog Bowl is a modernized nod to Beetlejuice and Brooke's love of everything 80s. A sleek modern design that would blend into the style of your home perfectly.

Pottery goes back 20,000 years but Brooke Winfrey brings a modern approach and her experimentation with colour, texture, and design is unprecedented.

The beauty of a hand-thrown piece of art such as these cool ceramic dog bowls is in the perfect imperfections that make each piece unique in its own right and give a real personality to the piece.

Each ceramic dog bowl is thrown on the wheel from porcelain and trimmed once it reaches a leather hard state. The various designs are hand painted with at least 3 layers of paint and allowed to slowly air dry over several days. Each bowl is fired and coated with a clear glossy glaze then fired one final time resulting in a strong durable bowl.

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Sizing Diameter Perfect for
Small 13 cm / 5" Small Dogs
Large 18 cm / 7" Medium-Large Dogs