Cloud7 Tiergarten Park Green Leather Dog Lead

Designer: Cloud7

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If you want to dress to impress the Cloud7 Tiergarten Park Green Leather Dog Lead is the one you want. With impeccable design and detail of the genuine nubuck leather, this is the lead that screams sophistication.

This stunning designer dog lead has been created using only the finest nubuck leather and solid brass casting, perfect for the dog that enjoys the finer things in life. 

Due to the integrated intermediate rings, the leash can be adjusted to three different lengths and can be comfortably worn over shoulder and hip during a walk. Some ways to use the leash: (1) across the chest (2) round the waist (3) hand held (longest) and split leash to hold 2 dogs. The ring closest to the clip can be used to hold poop bag dispensers!

Why we love this product:

  • Make a style statement on your next dog walk with this stunning leather dog lead.
  • A lead that will age beautifully.
  • This striking Hyde Park walking collection suits any lifestyle.
  • Complete the stylish look with the matching collar - Cloud7 Tiergarten Park Green Leather Dog Collar

Care instructions: Brush off slight soiling. Wash out stronger stains with water and a little soap, allow to dry and roughen lightly with a nubuck brush. As we treat the leather as naturally as possible, the colour of this product may slightly rub off in very rare cases: Do not expose the dyed nubuck leather to excessive moisture in order to avoid any discoloration.

Sizing: Adjustable for three individual lengths.

Size Width Length
Small 1.5 cm / 0.5" 200 cm / 78.5"