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Rocketo - Hornbeam Dog Chew Toy

Designer: Rocketo


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Probably the hardest dog chew toy on the planet! 

Dogs get bored, just like humans do. Unfortunately, most pet toys contain lead and other harmful chemicals. The Rocketo - Hornbeam Dog Chew Toy is durable and natural.

Rocketo gets back to basics and thinks about what nature intended for our dogs. Our Nordic dog chew stick is made of certified hazelnut, well known for its strong and un-split structure. It rarely cracks, is full of tannins, which gives it effective antibiotic, astringent, and healing properties.

 Why we love this product:

  • Rarely cracks or splits
  • Contains active elements (gallic acid and biostimoline)
  • May relieve mental fatigue and physical tiredness
  • May help to avoid destructive chewing
  • May help to expend excess energy


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