Wag & Wool Lucy Set

Designer: Wag & Wool

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A unique sustainable dog jumper and matching headband set which was inspired by vintage golf wear using a unique argyle style of knitting.

The Wag & Wool Lucy Dog Jumper is designed to offer maximum comfort and effortless style. Each jumper has a double-sided rib, stylish adjustable turtleneck and a handy opening that you can feed a harness or lead through.

The Lucy headband is made from quality Hinchcliffe lambswool, making it incredibly warm and hardwearing.

Why we love this product:

  • Designed and Made in the UK.
  • This bundle consists of a dog jumper & matching headband.
  • The simple but stylish design

Material: 100% Hinchcliffe Lambswool, spun in Yorkshire 

Care Instructions: 
Machine Washing Wool - Turn the jumper inside out, use a wool or delicate cycle if a wool setting is not available. NEVER wash your wool at high temperatures. Use a mild detergent – if possible, find one that is recommended by The Woolmark Company.

Hand Washing Wool - Turn the dog jumper inside out. Fill your sink or basin with luke warm water and add a touch of mild detergent and soak for approx. 10 minutes. Rinse through with clean luke warm water and then rinse with cold water. DO NOT ring the jumper afterwards as this can cause the jumper to become misshapen.

Drying - After washing your wool, we recommend air drying flat on an airer or on top of a towel.

Pilling - After wearing your wool a few times you may start to find some balls of fibre forming, this is due to the fibre rubbing during wear. Pilling can easily be removed by hand or by using a pill comb – don’t use the combs too often though as you may break the fibre with excess use.

Treated with care, these garments will last you a lifetime.

For our Aurora Pets printable measuring tape, please click here.

Dog Jumper Sizing: (Headband is one size)

Neck  Chest Back
Extra Small 27 cm / 11"  32 cm / 13" 22 cm / 9" 
Small 34 cm / 14" 36 cm / 15" 34 cm / 14"
Medium 40 cm / 16" 45 cm / 18" 39 cm / 16"
Large 43 cm / 17" 50 cm / 20" 46 cm / 18.5"