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How A Dog’s Diet Can Help Prevent Cancer And Disease

How A Dog’s Diet Can Help Prevent Cancer And Disease
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Credit: Rodney Habib/TedX Dogs are clearly humanity's best friend, our lives are so intertwined with dogs, many people are now choosing to have dogs instead of children. This is a...

What foods can I feed my dog?

What foods can I feed my dog?
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Knowing what you can feed your dog can be confusing at times, dogs metabolize foods differently to humans so what is safe for us can be poisonous to dogs. Use...

Welcome To Aurora Pets

Welcome to Aurora Pets designer dog shop, home to some of the worlds most renowned international pet brands, we take great pride in curating collections of the best designer dog products and luxury dog accessories the world has to offer. Ranging from luxury dog beds and blankets to designer leather dog collars, harnesses, and leads including collections in everything you need to give your pet the best quality throughout their journey with you.

Dressing your dog up used to mean just putting on a Halloween costume or dog Christmas jumper, but there is also a functional and practical side to adding a layer of clothing for dogs to prevent them getting cold, wet and uncomfortable. Many shorter-haired breeds, senior dogs, puppies and dogs with medical conditions will benefit from the added layer of a dog jumper or coat and will help keep them warm on cold and wet days.

Most important to us is the quality of the products we send you and your experience with Aurora Pets. We aim to provide you not only with the very best dog accessories but also the very best customer service and support.

What is Aurora’s philosophy? To bring you and your dog the experience you deserve!

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