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Yianni & Yoko

Yianni & Yoko is a fashion and luxury pet brand designed for style, practicality and quality. The mission at Yianni & Yoko is to provide stylish products for you whilst also being highly practical that can be enjoyed by your dog. We want our products to be the absolute best you and your dog can experience.

Who are Yianni and Yoko? 

They are two furry best friends who are stubborn, loving and picky French bulldogs that live in the UK with their human parents Ashton and Jonathan.

Their 3 main aims in life are to eat, sleep, play and they, of course, have humans that make sure the best of these 3 aims are achieved!

Every Yianni & Yoko product is carefully designed to be of the highest quality, designed for ultimate practicality and for the comfort of one of the most important friends in your life (your dog). 

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