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Sebastian Zweig had the dream of creating his own brand, for which he can also work creatively, for quite some time, when Labrador Cara joins the family. He has plenty of experience as a top executive for international consumer brands like Schwan-Stabilo, Lego and lastly De Sede behind him and he feels that the time is ripe for his own project. In the discussion he and his wife then develop their own concept for functional, yet stylish dog products; in the beginning, it is only a vague idea, then more and more concrete and at the end, they take the decision: Let’s try it!

Cara herself and the dogs of friends are actively involved in the elaborate product testing. “A product should be first and foremost functional, of high quality and good for the animal,” explains Sebastian Zweig the MiaCara philosophy. “If all of this is given, it should also please the eye and harmoniously fit into the interior of our customers.”

In fall 2011 MiaCara goes to market with their first collection including the Felpa luxury dog cushion and Capello luxury dog bed. The word about the sophisticated design and the quality of their products spreads around quickly, the two feel reassured and decide to continue on their way.

Today one of their established rituals is their walk in the forest together each Sunday morning. This gives them time to share the week’s events and to discuss new product ideas. 

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