Two Elephants - Gami Special Edition 22ct Gold Dog Bowl

Designer: Two Elephants

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This stunning special edition ceramic dog bowl is exclusively available at Aurora Pets, hand-thrown from mixed lava sand porcelain and finished with a 22ct gold lustre.

Bowl material:
Porcelain mixed lava sand. food-grade glaze and dishwasher safe.

Bowl firing:
Oxidation. which is the most common type of firing. in this process, the kiln has adequate oxygen to interact with the glazes and clay body during the firing. our product is glaze-fired until 1280 degree Celcius.

22k gold lustre:
The 22ct gold lustre is specifically made for ceramic coating. very dilute amounts of powdered gold were dissolved in aqua regia, and a mixture of turpentine, flowers of sulfur, and linseed oil for gold. the mixture was applied to the glazed ware and fired in an enamelling kiln, depositing a thin film of gold. this final (3rd time) firing is until 800-degree Celcius.

Why we love this product:

  • Beautiful matte finish. 
  • A beautiful contrast of the lava sand and gold lustre
  • Hand Thrown and limited edition

Care Guide:

The gold finishing is dishwasher safe, it is important not to use too aggressive detergents, normally those used by private individuals have never created problems. on the other hand, the items should not undergo excessive rubbing if washed by hand.

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