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Modern Beast Polka Dot Dog Bow Tie


Designer: Modern Beast


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For the Pooch who appreciates the finer sartorial details, you don’t want to resort to brash design when it comes to creating a tailored wardrobe and boy are we suckers for a beast in a bowtie.

Stylistically, a beast bowtie says so much with so little – simplicity at its finest. A captivating a pop of colour, simple floral or classic denim pattern screams, Good evening, I don’t think we’ve met. 

Why we love this product:

  • To wear, simply slip collar through the elastic back on the bowtie.
  • A fantastic gift for your dog, or if you are looking to buy for a friend or family.
  • A lovely addition to your dog's accessories.
  • Who doesn't love Polkadot!

Material: 100% Cotton.

Care instructions: Spot clean. Lay flat to dry.

    For our Aurora Pets printable measuring tape, please click here.


    Size Measurements Fit
    Small Length: 9 cm Fits collar up to 1.5 cm
    Medium Length: 11cm Fits collar up to 3 cm


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