btw Ceramics Black Shibori Ceramic Dog Bowl

Designer: btw Ceramics

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The btw Ceramics Black Torrent Ceramic Dog Bowls were inspired by the Japanese technique of Shibori. The verb root “shiboru” means to press, squeeze or wring, and would be used to describe wringing out the washing or a floor cloth. The emphasis is upon the action performed on the cloth and the effect left on the bowl.

Pottery goes back 20,000 years but Brooke Winfrey brings a modern approach and her experimentation with colour, texture, and design is unprecedented.

The beauty of a hand thrown piece of art such as these handmade dog bowls is in the perfect imperfections that make each piece unique in its own right and give a real personality to the piece.

Every dog bowl is thrown on the wheel from porcelain and trimmed once it reaches a leather hard state. The various designs are hand painted with at least 3 layers of paint and allowed to slowly air dry over several days. Each bowl is fired and coated with a clear glossy glaze then fired one final time resulting in a strong durable bowl.

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Sizing Diameter Perfect for
Large 18 cm / 7" Medium-Large Dogs

Please note: due to each bowl being handmade and unique. There are no two bowls which are the same and sizing and designs may vary with each piece.